Ensure the safe and proper disposal of your Helium Balloon Tank by following these instructions:

  1. Consult your local municipality or waste removal service to determine if disposable helium tank recycling is available.

  2. Bring your empty helium tank to a well-ventilated area.

  3. Confirm the tank is empty by:

    • Fully opening the valve by turning it to the left, and

    • bending the tilt nozzle gently but fully to release any remaining helium.

    • Make sure all helium is released. If you hear or feel helium being released, continue to hold until you do not feel any pressure or hear any sound from the nozzle.

  4. Remove the tilt nozzle by unscrewing it counter-clockwise

  5. Write "EMPTY" in bold text with a permanent marker on the balloon tank near the blowout valve, so that it is clearly visible.

  6. Follow the guidance provided by your local recycler and deposit your recyclable helium tank at their facility or via a curbside recycling program.

  7. NOTE: Your recycling service may require the additional safety measure of opening the blowout valve to confirm the helium tank is empty.

    If opening the blowout valve is required: After following instructions 1 through 6, please do the following:

  8. Locate the blowout valve on the shoulder of the balloon tank.

  9. Using a slotted (flat-head) screwdriver, position the head in the depression at the edge of the ring.

  10. Using a mallet or hammer, tap the handle of the screwdriver lightly but firmly. Repeat in multiple places around the ring edge, until the metal ring covering the blowout valve is punctured.

  11. The punctured ring may be sharp. To avoid injury, use a needle-nose or similar type of pliers to pry the ring away from the helium tank and place it in the trash.

  12. In addition to writing the word "EMPTY" in permanent marker, draw a circle around the punctured blowout valve.

  13. Follow the guidance provided by your recycler and deposit your recyclable helium tank at your local facility or via a curbside recycling program.


NOTE: If recycling options are not available to you, please follow instructions 1 through 12 above, and place the disposable helium tank in your household trash.


Warnings associated with the UNIQUE™ Helium Balloon Tank can be found here.